As the frontline for medical emergencies the ambulance service is used to receiving the occasional bizarre request for help.

But it seems that things may have got a little bit out of hand for paramedics in one part of the country over the festive period.

The North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) has released details of the ridiculous calls it received  – which incredibly included one man dialling 999 on Christmas Eve to ask for an ambulance to help unblock his toilet.

Problematic: The North West Ambulance Service has released details of the odd calls it received over the Christmas period 

It was one of a string of odd calls made to paramedics in the Greater Manchester area.

Other ‘emergencies’ included a man ringing to complain he had toothache and another patient who called for assistance after getting a cotton bud stuck in her ear.

Another of the time-wasting calls came from a man who phoned up to moan he had an itchy eye – and had been having problems with it for three weeks.

And on Christmas Day, the ambulance service was contacted by someone who spotted a dog in distress in a river – and wanted to know if paramedics could help rescue it.

Easy way to solve these problems…

Charge them £100-per false call…

I guarantee it will stop a very large percentage of them..

Won’t happen of course…the government haven’t the guts.


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