Shock news! You heard it here first! (err… actually you didn’t)


One in three people claiming unemployment benefit is a convicted criminal, figures show.

Taxpayers are funding around £2billion a year in out-of-work payments to nearly 1.3million people with criminal records, including £1.2billion to those on Jobseeker’s Allowance.

The figures lay bare the degree to which an ‘underclass’ that drifts in and out of criminal activity is using state handouts to bolster its income, while often continuing a life of crime.

It is the first time a Government has ever bothered to work out how many benefit claimants have a conviction. The Department for Work and Pensions compared welfare rolls with information on convictions held by the Ministry of Justice and payments information from HM Revenue & Customs.

Officials found that of the 1.2million total claims for Jobseeker’s Allowance open on December 1, 2010 in England and Wales, 33 per cent were made by offenders.

The DailyMash sums it up nicely…

Employment crisis sees Job Centre Plus re-branded as ‘Centre’



Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather… a third of the dole queue are villains…

Well… who WOULD have believed it?

I would, for a start.

However, what the Fail et al don’t tell you is that the UK Plc know and have KNOWN for a huge amount of time how to deal with unemployment…

Sir Humphrey said it all..

Sir H. “the government doesn’t have the guts to deal with unemployment”

LK. “what do you mean?”

Sir H. “well, there are thousands of jobs…but people just don’t want to do them… All you have to do is tell them they are GOING to do them or we will cut your benefit…and before you can say ‘parasite’ the problem is gone!”

Truth is the government don’t want to cut unemployment eh?

They are quite happy paying people to do nothing… for lots of reasons:

1. It’s not really a lot of money…

2. They get a fair amount of it back anyway via indirect taxes…

3. The potential for civil unrest and accusations of ‘uncaring’ etc is VERY damaging to re-election prospects.

4. The employed won’t vote you out if you say you are looking after them…they might if you don’t…

Easier to go after working people… they are used to paying through the nose for everything…

The underclass of this country are a powerful lobby…


On a lighter note, I see Jordan AKA Katie Price, is to be a Police Commish… lol…

”Yeah, I wanted to be a detective, but you need to join the Police first…”



One response to “Shock news! You heard it here first! (err… actually you didn’t)

  1. Shijuro, have this idea doubt it will catch on but…..

    It costs around £30,000 a year for someone on the dole who commits crime. So how about instead of paying that money out to them in benefits we could use it to send them to a nice centrally heated accommodation where all there meals are provided for free, but because they where a little naughty they would not be allowed out to wonder and cause more trouble or break the law.

    Needs a flashy name something like… lets see…. alternative home unit…..errr no, does not really work… I know …Prison !

    As I say will never catch on.

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