Errr…. WRONG!

The father of a boy killed in 2008 has said he was “not shocked” that a fatal attack took place during the Boxing Day sales in London’s Oxford Street.

The threat of jail was not deterring young people from carrying weapons, said Barry Mizen, whose son Jimmy died at a bakery in Lee, south-east London.

He said politicians from all parties must work together to focus on turning around the lives of young people.


The treat of jail AS IT IS NOW and THE LENGTH OF SENTENCES isn’t working…

He should ask that chap just released after a 20-year stretch in the islands for drug smuggling if he fancies another go at it!

The way to deter young ‘gangstas’ from carrying knives is to search them, arrest them then JAIL them for, say, 10-years…

The message will sink in…

It won’t stop all of them ….but I bet it will make a few think very hard…eh?


2 responses to “Errr…. WRONG!

  1. I wasn’t surprised at this either. And just how is the government supposed to ‘turn their lives around’? Isn’t that a job for their parents?

  2. “The treat of jail…”

    /paging Dr Freud

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