Some ‘isolated incidents’…

Black teenager stabbed to death outside Foot Locker in central London during Boxing Day sales

Bargain hunters looked on in horror as the 18-year-old, a Somalian whose first name is Seydou (inset) was stabbed in a branch of Foot Locker on Oxford Street in central London.


Untimely death: Anuj Bidve, pictured with a friend, had 'dreamed' of going to the UK A teenager, 17, has been arrested on suspicion of murder after Anuj Bidve (pictured) was shot in the head on Boxing Day. Mr Bidve and his friends strayed into a rough inner-city district in Manchester by mistake.



I noted with some dismay that the GMP gaffer interviewed on the beeb just couldn’t resist using the word ‘community’ in his statement…

I note with interest the MET receiving some ‘post match’ post-mortem statements about an officer that ‘dry-fired’ his TASER into a chap that was determined to just get in the way of the paramedics trying to save someone’s life…

One paper printed a headline, ‘shopper stabbed’…

No it wasn’t…

It was one gang member stabbing another gang member…

any guesses for how long it takes for the Police to be blamed for any of these deaths?



10 responses to “Some ‘isolated incidents’…

  1. This is not the Oxford St I knew and it is not even safe to express despair.
    Prudence must counsel our tongues inside a State which has lost the plot, shij.

  2. One of the red topped tabloids mentions that the stabbed man in Oxford Street was a membr of a gang who were choosing trainers to steal and they were being stopped by members of another gang who wanted to steal them and a fight started amongst them.
    So that’s all right then. As long as it’s two groups of ‘deprived’ young people who have never been given a chance in life and who have to spend Christmas starving because they have nothing, then no real crime has been committed by them. It’s all the fault of society, especially the bankers who have forced them into a life of penury and the Police who reacted in a totally unacceptable confrontational manner.
    Sorry, I got carried away a bit after having to watch the Christmas speech by the Archbishop of Canterbury – Bloody hell, I’ll be supporting the Liberal Party next!

  3. Steady on!

    You will be saying trolls are just a symptom of an unfair society next…instead of what they really are…

    sad wankers…

    • @Plodnomore – We must ‘hope’ that this WAS gang-related. Otherwise it would have to be logged as ‘racially aggravated’?

  4. Not to worry, it’s all in hand because successive governments have stated they are going to be tough on knife crime so we”ll be fine.

    My @rse

  5. You know, for all you (and the rest of Gadget’s readership) seem to despise the ‘Faily Fail’, at least it’s not shy of describing the dead piece of trash as ‘a member of violent street gang ABM and was facing charges of robbery and assault’, unlike the ‘Evening Standard’, which goes out of its way to only interview friends of the family and laud him as ‘a “big personality” who always had a smile on his face’.

    • While it’s true that villains have a lot to answer for their anti-social behaviour, I think it’s also important to remember to keep hold of the fact they are human too.

      If we don’t we are in danger of becoming what we hate in them…

      I am not advocating a ‘hug a hoody’ policy, but we will never beat crime with Police and punishment.

      In fact it’s likely we can never fully eradicate it when there is such a massive imbalance in our society.

  6. JuliaM,
    I no longer read the Evening Standard (as I no longer live near London) but do read the ‘Daily Fail’. I’m surprised their stories are dissimilar as they are owned by the same publishing group – what was printed in the ES was usually found in the following days DF. Perhaps they do this because the London gangs also read the ES and know where the printing works is and how flammable??

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