Pope Benedict XVI did his usual message on Jesus’ birthday earlier ago…

He urged the faithful to discover its true meaning and remember the ‘child in the stable’ instead of being consumed by the commercial side of Christmas.


Worship: Thousands of worshippers converged outside the Vatican to hear Pope Benedict XVI deliver his traditional Christmas 'Urbi et Orbi' blessing  Pope Benedict XVI

Speaking from the multi-million Euro HQ in the most expensive city in the world (that the Catholic church owns, of course) he said that the world was obsessed with the ‘superficial glitter’ that now imbues the holiday.

Call for peace: Pope Benedict XVI delivers the 'Urbi et Orbi' blessing from the balcony of St. Peter's basilica at the Vatican

As you can see… the Pope certainly practices what he preaches…
I don’t often comment on religious matters for two reasons:

1. I am not a believer…

2. I don’t like the way the major religions of the world have caused so much issue with the lives of ordinary people.

I couldn’t help it when I read this though…

The irony of of a man in charge of the Catholic church, one of the richest, most powerful and influential organisation in the world-obsessed with ritual and gold, is preaching to us he thinks we shouldn’t be too into glitter!


I don’t wonder that the puritans had a point…


8 responses to “Kettle…pot…

  1. Merry Christmas Shij!

  2. As a hypocrite – an athiest who believes in the moral code set out in some tablets of stone allegedly written by a mythical God – I find myself at odds at this time of year. Is Christianity any more believable than Islam; Judaiism; Buddhism; Scientology, etc? No matter what one believes in, there is an element of behaviour at this time of year which, in the main, seems to bode well for the spiritual future of mankind. I sincerely hope we are here in a year’s time to argue, or otherwise, the above comments and I hope we are able to do it through this blog. See you next year – or not!

  3. The very same hypocrisy and double standards exist in all large Institutions, shij. Relative position and gullibility determine what is seen.

  4. The Pope deserves a viewing of ‘The Producers’ remake (on channel 5 earlier) because it is proof of an hilarious side to bad taste and corruption.
    I nearly died laughing ….and that Ulla, God bless Sweden, is the second route of euthanasic interest to normal men.

  5. I heard this from an expert: if you see anything in the Vatican that looks like gold, then it is.

    Father Dougal in the famed Father Ted BBC series said: “that fella who lives in the art gallery.” For a younger persons outlook on faith please visit

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