Cyber scum should get life for manslaughter…

A musician hanged himself after receiving a message on Facebook telling him to ‘go and die’, an inquest heard today.
Simon Foxley, from Hyde, Gloucestershire, was left heartbroken when a girl he met on the internet deleted him as a friend on the social networking site and when he tried to contact her he received taunts from her friends.
After the final message he climbed from his bedroom window into the garden where he ended his life.

Simon Foxley was found hanging in his back garden after receiving a message on Facebook saying ‘go and die’.

His body was found by his father, Graham, 56, and brother David, 18.

After a coroner recorded a verdict of suicide, Simon’s family spoke out against cyber-bullying.

I hear the words “tragic” and “wasted life” and feel a slight tinge of hatred towards the faceless scum that bully others on the net…

Whilst I accept it’s possible to track them down in practice this rarely happens…

We need to do more to educate our youngsters to see these pigs for what they are…


27 responses to “Cyber scum should get life for manslaughter…

  1. the daily mail is crap

    “..I hear the words “tragic” and “wasted life” and feel a slight tinge of hatred towards the faceless scum that bully others on the net…”



    So, how is life being a dummkopf, chickenshit, pseudo man?

    (PS: remember me to your Missus. ….incidentally has she ever confessed to you how, when you were busy at the call-centre those nights, protesting against your bully of a (female!!!) boss by eating sandwiches at your desk….how, at her invitation, I went around to your house, and she took me up to your bedroom and laid on her belly for me, and I how I roundly slapped her and then gently slid my dick into her ass… and how she moaned with pleasure?

  2. I could not have illustrated how sick cyber bullies are better than that…

    Well done…

    (readers: I don’t normally post the sick individual’s rantings but this was so base I thought it would help illustrate the point of the post…).

    Sorry if he offends anyone-I have already said sorry to wifey…

    He is truly ill…I don’t think I realised how ill until now.

  3. Why is he so fixated on you? I think he would have moved on by now. I think he secretly fancies you Shij 🙂

    • Don’t know…I think he needs to have a hard look at his sexuality…

      Trolls are bullies… But unusual bullies…

      Bullies crave attention because they feel bad about themselves and need that perception of dominance to bolster self-worth…

      They are unusual in that they choose to do it anonymously…

      They would poo their pants in person…

      They are oh so predictable too…

      I mean, I can predict to a word what he will say to this post…


      It will be “no! You are the coward shitty… You won’t meet me!”


  4. Shij – It’s truly worrying that even a seriously deranged troll has so little imagination WRT ‘sex’

    Reminds me of the sad Monty Python “Nudge nudge” – sketch –
    “You’ve done it with a lady? Whats’ it like?”

  5. “…I have already said sorry to wifey…”

    And how do you think “wifey” feels??

    Does she, as you say (as all women want to) feel loved and cherished and special………or does she fee that “Shiuro” is using her?

    If you were a *real* man “shijuro”, you would not have told her at all about how you were so inadequate, and unable to protect her that a complete stranger offers to f*ck her….. and she says: “Yes”

    This sh1tty weblog of yours is worth sweet jack sh1t …… and your latest (clinically obese) internet wife knows this too.

    Which is why of course,n that dear “wifey” is gagging for it,

  6. This guy really does have problems. I love how he insists your blog is worthless yet he’s obsessed with it. Love the blog by the way, and I do enjoy your occasional troll baiting 🙂

  7. As I say: What a dick

    (yawn) your glove puppets keeping you company these days?

    [Hint: One of the reasons why you’re getting so few genuine hits here is disgust. What guy disrespects his wife so much that he puts stuff about her on a public forum. It’s like having personal remarks about here being spray-painted on the wall of his house and letting it stay there. A *real* man simply would not do it. The regular readers of this blog know it….. and your wife knows it too.

    Or do you think that had she has no pride or self-respect at all? By using her here in this fashion, you are effectively a pimp]

    • Lol hea that everyone? You are all sock puppets!

      Delusional, sick, odd, loners like the troll should just join a club of some kind…

      I would love to club him… Lol

      Ps a ‘real man’ would not be posting like a scummy teenager…lol

      Pps … I knew you were going down this route AGAIN…

      WTF? KI AI! Etc…

  8. @Clap – I can see no objection to the perverted imaginings of trolls being published, since it is clear they have no relevance to Shij or his family.

    • I love the way he says he is disgusted with my posting of his rants, in essence saying he is disgusted with himself…

      Scary thing is, this bloke is someone’s son…someone’s workmate…

      Lol maybe not…

      He has tried the standard troll stuff ‘I will break you’ etc then ‘you nonce your kids’ and has finally moved on to ‘your fat sex-starved wife’…

      It’s all about getting attention.

      I learnt this as a parent-kids know they get attention quicker by being naughty…

      We should pity him…

  9. Fair play mate.

    Your obsessive stalker probably looks like the guy who controls Gerard Butlers characters wife in the movie Gamer.

    I’d be interested as to what it does for a living. I’m guessing…………unemployed.

  10. Oh shitty you really are disgusting You are such a little liar too.

    You obviously watched a lot of Shari Lewis when you were a kid too.

    …. any way, you want to club me? Sure, you bringing a box to stand on then?

    (Shouldn’t you be in panto now,with the rest of your six buddies?)

    And what do you know about raising children you were denied access to and custody of them, remember?

    Me? Don’t work in a lab, mate nor do I make distinctions about music… but I tell you what Robin, you get yourself that certificate in remedial science you’re always banging on about and perhaps I’ll give a little job in one. Something commensurate with your thus far demonstrated abstract reasoning and mathematical abilities… such as bottle washing or something.

    Oh you are so good! You are such a caricature of a middle-aged loser that I laugh my self silly sometimes when you really start to splutter and back-pedal. Please don’t stop!

    Looking forward to being entertained by you for a long time to come.

    Merry Christmas, loser!

    (Hi to Two Ton Tessie, too)

    • LOL!

      See what I mean everyone?

      This troll is a scream…

      ‘Me? Don’t work in a lab, mate nor do I make distinctions about music… but I tell you what Robin, you get yourself that certificate in remedial science you’re always banging on about and perhaps I’ll give a little job in one”


      So…now he DOESN’T work in a lab…and is a pretentious music lover… (even though he said he did…) now he is SOOOO important he GIVES jobs!




      Losers don’t have jobs…
      Losers don’t have wives…
      losers don’t have families…
      Losers don’t have pensions with 100K lump sums and £1500 NET per month
      Losers don’t retire when they are 52…

      Guess who DOESN’T have any of those?

      Yup… you.


      Who is the loser?

      And just to show you how insignificant and powerless you really are…

      Back in the box for you… lol

      ahhh… ’tis good to be king…

  11. Hmmm…I think your troll is probably about 14, hormonal, covered in spots, a virgin and obsessed with sex they’ve never had and probably never will. They truly believe you will be upset by what they post since they dissolve into tears when other people do it to them.

    Thing is…you’ll never ever see an internet troll post something original. Seen it all before…been subject to some of it….always remained utterly unaffected in any negative way by it.

    See Shij, we both come from a generation where people actually said things to your face…got a hard smack in the gob…and ran off red-faced and crying to snitch….whereby whoever they snitched to told them they got precisely what they deserved so fuck off and cry somewhere else please ta.

    A few words on an internet screen is less than nothing to the likes of us.

    The next generation though….it worries me….kids these days simply aren’t up to the emotional and mental stress as offscreen in “real” life you can’t hit a bully back anymore unless you want to end up in trouble because it’s always the bully treated as a victim.

    Of course there are those who don’t give a shit how much trouble they get into and hit back hard anyway but decent kids try to do the right thing and not react violently or in kind. The next generation is fast being split into groups of sociopathic freaks of nature and helpless victims. Morlocks and Eloi.

    Perhaps someone could think of something to do about it before they start actually eating each other…

    • So true… Wifey thinks he is a saddo…and says she thinks he is a bit gay… Why else would a person be so obsessed?

      The other possibility is he is a sadist…

      Equally worrying… Heh

    • “The next generation though….it worries me….kids these days simply aren’t up to the emotional and mental stress..”

      Which, getting back on topic, is perfectly illustrated by this post, isn’t it? Who kills themselves over something so trivial?

      I suspect this young man had many other problems…

      • It does seem trivial to those of our generation yes Julia but…and without sounding some trendy left-wing liberal social-worker type thing…young people are growing up seeking out and needing the approval of an online community simply to feel like they have a life and fit in.

        With the click of (someone else’s) button both your online and offline life can be over in an instant. It seems utterly ridiculous to some but it does beg the question of how anyone is supposed to handle that when online communication has become such an integral part of everyday life.

        I don’t think we’ve even begun to scratch the surface of internet-related mental illness but the effects on us all in the long-term…as a society…aren’t looking good to me.

        • Added to that the nutty obsession that many ‘conspiracy theorist cyber-geeks’ have with being anonymous that has lead to a huge rise in the difficulty faced in trying to locate trash like this, I agree…not looking too good…

      • Maybe.

        Thing is… the trolls just don’t know that (or don’t care more like)…

        I mean look at my troll.

        He posts at least 2 or 3 comments per day.

        They range from the silly to the plain nasty.

        I know he just wants attention like the little child he is…and that is the only reason he posts…

        I just delete them unless I fancy a little play with him…but…what if I took them to heart?

        I could see how someone not used to morons might.

        They could easily end up being pushed that one final inch that leads to a rope, train, carbon-monoxide or tablet oblivion.

  12. @Tatty – if the prospects of Morlocks & Eloi worries you, and if you want to be amused(?) and depressed at the same time – try Kornbluth’s 1951 dystopic story “The Marching Morons”

    (Note that this posits a future world population of 5 Billion – which we have surpassed. And an average IQ of 45 – which the current UK ‘education system’ seems bent on achieving)

    Full text –

    • Ah yes I remember you recommending this story somewhere on a blog (possibly Gadget ?) a few months back and read it then. So many dystopic stories written almost half a century ago are coming to pass it’s hard to believe it’s not deliberately so.

      Thing is, the education system can try to manipulate children but there will always be those intelligent enough to know when to pretend to be thick.

      My daughter neatly avoided conscription into her secondary school Young Leader initiative (run by Common Purpose) by acting like she didn’t understand what it was about and couldn’t be bothered with it. I’m so proud 😉

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