Student learns lesson?

'Victim': Student Sam Main shows the injuries he apparently sustained after being thrown off the train by a fellow passenger for not having a ticket 

 Student ‘Gwant’ Sam Main

The ‘fare-dodging’ student who was manhandled off a train by a fellow passenger has defended his actions and claimed he was the victim in a video which has become a YouTube hit.

Footage of the teenage troublemaker being thrown off a train by a fed-up fellow traveller on the ScotRail service between Edinburgh and Perth has become a viral hit after being uploaded to You Tube.

It begins when a conductor is told the teenager doesn’t have a ticket and tells the driver of the train to stop until the youngster gets off.

When the youth refuses a shouting match ensues until a passenger, later referred to as ‘the big man’ leaps to his feet and frogmarches him off the train – and keeps pushing him off when he repeatedly tries to re-board the service.

A two-and-a-half minute video clip – ‘Scotrail No Ticket’ – was posted three days ago and has already been viewed almost 200,000 times.

But the 19-year-old student, from Falkirk, has since insisted he was in the right after being tracked down at his home by a local newspaper.

He said last night: ‘I had been out celebrating after an exam and I was half asleep on the train.

‘I did have a ticket but I must have handed over the wrong one to the conductor. The next thing I know this big guy is manhandling me to the door and throwing me off.

University student Sam Main, who is studying surveying, added: ‘I couldn’t believe it when the footage turned up on YouTube.’

He said he still has cuts and bruises over his cheeks (pictured above) and legs.

In the clip, the white-haired ScotRail worker tells the youth: ‘I’ll sit here all night pal. I’m getting paid for this but they (the passengers) will start moaning.’

However, moaning was clearly the least of his troubles when a ‘large’ gentleman decided he had heard enough, grabbed Gwant by the scruff of his neck and threw him off the train.
Life lesson learned?
Not really… he thinks he did no wrong and so do his parents.

9 responses to “Student learns lesson?

  1. I haven’t seen the video yet. Might as well check it later. Good lord, the kid sure is stubborn, eh? The big man is also at fault, i admit. He should have let the officers handle it.

  2. Train operators have a well practised procedure to deal with incidents of alleged fare evasion and here we see the intervention of a vigilante, teetering on the edge of the law. Fat Tony would have been wiser to keep his seat but I cannot condemn him.

  3. This story hasn’t run it’s course yet.I predict the “big man” getting nicked and then the Daily Mail starting a campaign supporting him.

  4. 12-Aug-11 04:00 zlewis7306
    18-Mar-11 06:02 Decepticon

  5. Perhaps it would be a sign to all future or potential fare dodgers that Scotrail now make a statement that Main is no longer allowed to travel on their rail line. They do have the right, in law, to refuse passage to anyone they wish. At the same time, offer ‘the big man’ a year’s free travel.

  6. This young man has education , therefore should be entitled to do whatever he wants and moan like a bitch when some hard working tired tax payer decides to expedite a restorative justice solution.

  7. Interesting that the newspaper had to track him down. Obviously tracking experts of the highest order as they still managed to find him while his wound was still wet!!


    This time the ticket inspector was stabbed for his troubles.

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