No, I really mean it, it’s your very, very, very lastest warning…

A senior policeman who reportedly sent offensives jokes by text message to officers has been given a final warning over his conduct.

Chief Inspector Mark Ling of Sussex Police was found guilty of sending the ‘inappropriate’ messages to his colleagues in the town of Hastings

Chief Inspector Ling had been suspended after the allegations over the messages came to light earlier this year.

Final warning: Chief Inspector Mark Ling will be allowed to return to work despite sending 'inappropriate and offensive' text messages to colleaguesChief Inspector Mark Ling

During an investigation by the force’s professional standards it was found that Ling had sent further inappropriate texts to his colleagues.

But following a hearing, which concluded this afternoon, it was decided that he could return to duty after being given a final written warning.

A police spokesman said: ‘Following a two-day hearing, the officer was found guilty of gross misconduct for discreditable conduct and, as a result, he has received a final written warning.’


I wonder what they were?



I know one thing: if a Constable was sent to panel for that offence they would be picking up their Job Seekers while the Federation Lawyers prepare an appeal against dismissal (I know this from personal experience of TWO of my colleagues…).

So, why the warning?

I will leave you to guess the answer to that one, however I can tell you that I have seen many senior officers moved for ‘operational reasons’ due to their bad behaviour…

Constables usually get sacked.


4 responses to “No, I really mean it, it’s your very, very, very lastest warning…

  1. Normally I generally agree with your posts Shij but I know this man.He is a good egg.
    Perhaps then next time a PC does something similar he will be able to use this punishment as a template?

    • Ahh I don’t think discipline hearings work like that…they say every case is judged on it’s merits…

      I wasn’t trying to diss him, we don’t know what the messages were-it may have been a joke…

      But if ever there was a job at the moment that needs to embrace the old caveat “know your audience” it’s ours…

  2. Apparently he made jokes about Hastings being full of chav-scum.I have visited the town and I think he’s right.He also mentioned the P word to describe our lovable caravan dwelling people that we all love.Rookie mistake,don’t put anything in print an enemy could use.

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