Controversial, ironic or mental?

Jeremy Clarkson provoked outrage last night after he said that those striking should be shot.

Speaking on the BBC’s One Show he said that government workers refusing to work should be killed in front of their families.

Clarkson, who presents the BBC’s Top Gear show, said: ‘Frankly I would have them all shot. I would take them all outside and execute them in front of their families.

Controversial: Jeremy Clarkson said he wanted to see strikers shot when he appeared on the One Show last night Controversial?

Well my money is on mental. Since his marriage break up (down to him being caught with his fingers in the, err… till) he seems to have become more and more vile. Even joking about such a scene is beyond good taste by several light-years.

He was controversial to start with, of course, now he is just vile.

I remember seeing Hammond on TV once giving his ‘expert’ opinion on how accidents are unfairly blamed on speeding motorists. I have never heard such crap. It was a graphic display of how mind-numbingly puerile he was too.

Only May seems unaffected.

Jez has a short memory too… those ‘public sector’ people he so dispises and would see ‘killed’ in front of their families with ‘guilt edged pensions’ are the same ones that saved the life of his best mate Hammond. For £11-25k per year and £12000 a year pension…

Also… if he works for the BBC, funded by the tax payer, isn’t he a public sector worker too?

It seems Jez is going down the route my mate took when he was caught shagging a traffic warden by his wife-imagine his surprise when she took it VERY badly and took him to the cleaners.

Of course, the traffic warden carried on with her life without him…she moved on to someone else.

He ended up in a bedsit becoming more and more frustrated at his ex-wife’s seemingly endless supply of young men, while he existed on cornflakes and pay-day disco ladies.

To say he ended up bitter, would be an understatement.

He hated everyone and everything. He was a nightmare to work with because he constantly challenged any authority (presumably to gain some control and power over his life…) -and the SMT were too scared to have a go back.

He got his 30 in and retired…that didn’t help of course because he had to hand 50% over to his ex…

Like my mate before this happened he was likable, fun and a bit of a joker, he quickly turned into someone I felt sorry for, but disliked intensely. He was controversial too, but that is a good thing IMHO, stirring the pot makes life more interesting.

I hope Jez has a rethink and goes back to that person we liked.


Jeremy Clarkson’s joke about executing public sector workers for going on strike was pre-arranged with television producers, it has been revealed.

The outspoken TV presenter, who was forced to apologise last night, faced a storm of protest and triggered thousands of complaints after saying public sector strikers should be ‘executed’ in front of their families.

But now it has emerged producers thought it would be amusing if the Top Gear host offered an extreme view of the strike that was not meant to be taken seriously, The Times said.

The production team were aware of the contents of the joke prior to broadcast but Mr Clarkson apparently took it one step further than they had expected when he said strikers should be shot in front of their families.


Good old BBC… no wonder they were so quick to apologise eh?


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