Awards evening…

I went to an awards evening tonight with wifey and the boys…

The stories of bravery and self sacrifice of members of the public, PCSOS and PCS was humbling…

I felt quite proud too, to my surprise, of what we do… My sons were proud that I received an award, it was a joy to see their faces when I went up to ol’ chiefy…

As we drove home my sons commented on the bravery of the officers and who they thought was the bravest …

We had a great evening.

When I see newspapers saying, ‘PCSOS are crap’ I would like them to hear some of the bravery shown by some of the PCSOS I met tonight.

When I see the trolls latest rant I know that he can NEVER even get close to the feeling of pride I felt for my fellow officers-and myself, for helping people, tackling criminals and generally making people’s lives better…

I pity him.


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