Will the Leveson Inquiry lead to the press’ own Macpherson?

To refresh your memory, the Macpherson inquiry and subsequent report made some 70 recommendations…including opening the FOI and Race Relations act to apply to the Police.

The creation of the IPCC, new powers to discipline police officers for at least five years after their retirement and all proven “racist words or acts” should lead to disciplinary proceedings, and such behaviour should normally be punishable by dismissal.

Also, the abolishing of the centuries old ‘double-jeopardy’ rule…


When ‘Leve’ Leveson completes and presents his report, will the press face anything like the noose tightened securely around our throats-much to the delight of anti-police activists?

Will the report create classic sound bites like ”institutional racist” and the like?

Will the report change for ever the way tabloids report?

Will truth and unbiased reporting return to the newspapers?

I doubt it.

I would be surprised if anything happens but… I live in hope….


4 responses to “Will the Leveson Inquiry lead to the press’ own Macpherson?

  1. I have to disagree with your one point though mate. There is no automatic dismissal for racist behavior. I know an officer who shouted racist abuse out of a police van window and all they got was a final written warning. I have my suspicions as to why and it’s probably because the person in question wasn’t a white, heterosexual, male without a history of counter complaints about their previous behavior.

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