One rule for one?

Or just a case of an old man taking pity on a pretty little woman?

A Teacher who grabbed a flight attendant’s groin and demanded sex after downing almost a pint of whisky was spared jail yesterday so she can keep her job.

Katherine Goldberg, 25, groped the airline steward during a flight from Johannesburg to London.

Goldberg was given a community order after the judge was told any prison sentence would mean she would not be allowed to teach again.

In court: Katherine Goldberg avoided a jail sentence despite admitting to sexually assaulting an air steward during a return flight to the UKKatherine Goldberg

In mitigation, Isleworth Crown Court was told that Goldberg from Ealing, west London was convinced that the man was her boyfriend as a result of her ‘alcohol-induced illusion’.

‘I would be wrong to impose a lifetime punishment by preventing you working in a profession where you clearly have talent,’ said Judge Andrew McDowall at Isleworth Crown Court, West London.

A prison sentence or a community order longer than 12 months would have meant Goldberg would have had to sign the sex offender register – meaning she could not work with children.

South African-born Goldberg was returning on a Virgin Atlantic flight from visiting relatives on August 24.

An earlier hearing was told she had drunk at least half a litre of whisky as well as wine.

She made a sexual suggestion to a flight attendant trying to look after her and ‘at one point sat on his lap and grabbed hold of his genitals through his trousers.’

Err… lets just swap those roles around for  moment…

Drunk male passenger grabs a lady air stewardess by the genitals and makes lewd suggestions.

Any takers for the same result?

Teacher or no teacher… he would be on the register and sacked.

Sexism is alive and well I feel…in court that is…

Love the mitigation… ‘I thought it was my boyfriend…’

heh…sure you did…


2 responses to “One rule for one?

  1. Can I buy her a drink??
    More seriously spot on.

  2. Firstly …i wouldn.t have complained, secondly by the sounds of it neither would the judge , thirdly the first two dont matter and consistancy with regards the law should apply and on the register she should go and lastly until the judges /magistrates are held in some way accountable for there wild and ludicrous ‘sentencing’ nothing will change.

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