Another victory for criminal rights…

At the expense of the victims…

A young mother who was left paralysed after a row over a spilt drink broke down in court yesterday after her attacker was allowed home for Christmas.

Claire Hilton, 29, yelled at Christopher Towers: ‘Look what you’ve done. You’ve ruined my life.’

She wept as Towers was granted bail, meaning he can spend the festive season at home with his family.

He will almost certainly be jailed when he returns in the New Year to be sentenced.

Outraged: Claire Hilton outside Newcastle Quayside Crown Court today. She was left paralysed after a pub row over a spilt drinkClaire Hilton

Racked with guilt over the attack, Towers left the court to shouts from Ms Hilton’s friends…

Thug: Christopher Towers admitted grievous bodily harm but was bailed until the New Year

Towers-shows his feelings about court and ‘justice’…

Claire Hilton went out to enjoy herself. She had a couple of drinks her cousin  Lauren Mould, when Miss Mould accidentally knocked over the £2.80 drink belonging to Towers with her handbag.

She and Miss Mould apologised to Towers, his girlfriend, Kelly McCone, and his mother, Lynn Faherty, and even offered to buy them a drink by way of a goodwill gesture, but they refused to calm down.

No…they did not… they chased them before Towers ran up to Ms Hilton and punched her with such force, she fell and broke her neck.

She was lucky to survive such a violent impact. Indeed, she will never walk again.

Of course, we know how seriously court takes such matters and following a disgusting plea bargain by the gutless CPS, this thug can only receive a maximum of 5-years for GBH.

So, just to recap:

Brutal assault committed. Lazy, useless, not fit for purpose Police identify and arrest the perpetrators. They are taken to court. CPS choose the easy option and go for an offence with HALF the tariff. The Judge then gives the moron BAIL to allow him to see his family (some of which will be joining him for prison turkey anyway) over Christmas… then gives the ‘fuck off’ fingers as he leaves the court…

And we wonder why people emigrate?

I had to surpress a smile at Ms Hilton’s naivity when she said, ”He (Towers) is going to get at the most five years”…



2 responses to “Another victory for criminal rights…

  1. I Was told by my first operational inspector to stop being naive when i said i believed that the ‘criminal justice system’ made the bad guys pay, he said ” no scuh thing as ‘criminal justice ‘ , just a legal system”. He was so right , a ‘system’ that shows ‘cowardice’on a criminal scale .The police fight ever increasing buearacy and legal restrictions on a scale never seen before , where actually getting sufficiency of evidence for a charge is a minor miracle unless you saw it yourself with your neighbour and even then if its a police assault that isn,t actually a ‘real crime’ .The victims want ‘justice’plain and simple , they are not asking for too much , it should be there basic ‘human right’ to expect and deserve it to be delivered.It is about time there ‘human rights ‘ are put first otherwise society has failed.

  2. Pity he didn’t hurl some racist abuse at her, he’d have been banged up quicker than you could blink

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