Told you all I did… the riots were our fault… it’s official now…

Riots report: Public lacked faith in police response…

Riot police in Croydon on 9 August 2011

A lack of confidence in the police response to the initial riots in London in August led to further disturbances across England, a report has concluded.

The Riots, Communities and Victims Panel found it had “encouraged people to test reactions in other areas”.

The majority of people interviewed for a study indicated the perception that police “could not contain” the trouble was “the sole trigger” for more riots.

The panel warned that such riots would happen again unless action was taken.

The independent panel said had the police response in Tottenham, and subsequently across London, been more robust, riots would not have have happened elsewhere.

The panel said research suggested that between 13,000-15,000 people had been actively involved in the riots.

Prompting the insurance industry to address poor service, after complaints about the speed and treatment of claims

  • A government fund to help high streets that are still suffering from a decline in business after the riots
  • A need for the police to strike a balance between protecting business premises on the one hand, and people and homes on the other
  • The authorities should review how they help people caught up in riot areas, including the creation of certain sites as “safe havens”
  • The police should immediately review emergency planning to ensure they can deal with public disorder on the scale of the August riots

Panel chairman, former JobCentre Plus chief Darra Singh, said: “It is 30 years since the publication of the Scarman report.

“The panel is clear that the riots in August were very different disturbances to those in 1981. However, it is a sad fact that in some respects, the underlying challenges are strikingly similar.

“While deprivation is not an excuse for criminal behaviour, we must seek to tackle the underlying causes of the riots, or they will happen again.

The statistics showed that three-quarters of those already brought before the courts for the disturbances had previous convictions – and a quarter of those had committed more than 10 offences.

I particularly loved the line about ‘robust policing’…

What would that be eh?

Pushing people over? Opps… can’t do that any more…

Tasering them? Nope… not that many officers have taser…

CS/Pepper? Well, again the tiny tin of spray runs out after 3-secs of use…

Baton rounds? Nope… don’t have them to hand-only firearms wallahs can use too…

Big sticks/batons? Nope… people get hurt…

Hands on? Same reason.

The problem is very simply the Police are now so risk adverse (risk to your own job that is following a situation that has ‘gone wrong’) we are often powerless to deal with things…

We are also highly-geared towards ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ Policing… everyone loves ol’ beat copper… he/she is the shining light in the civilised world…except the civilised world left that copper behind 50-years ago… if he even existed…

The riots brought this into sharp focus…that and how few officers there actually are…

For me, robust policing can never return.

The powers that be simply can’t get their heads around the simple fact that Policing is about knocking heads occasionally.

There is no political will for it. When they have sat down for 10-mins with Chamois Chippy-butty it all seems like a lost dream… They hear ‘Police brutality’ or see a headline ‘officer hurt my little 23-year old boy’ and reach for the Immodium ®…

Add to that mix…

Police ‘commanders’ that with an eye firmly fixed on the next crown or laurel, certainly do not want to put themselves within a couple of parsecs of anything the even remotely looks like a death in custody/police contact.

You get the modern Police.

We don’t even look nice any more… the National Police uniform looks like a bag of shit.


16 responses to “Told you all I did… the riots were our fault… it’s official now…

  1. Well the blame is at our door because nobody will publicly challenge and correct the report. The authors know this. I noticed they left out the fact that the majority of rioter had previous as long as your arm too…. oh obviously not important…

  2. The national police uniform is about a million times better than the shite new tops we are getting in Metrocity, and we can only dream of fleeces and hi vis jackets as tidy as the ones county forces have. We are stuck with cheap primark-quality fleeces and massive hi vis dresses that don’t even act as a jacket.

  3. Retired Sgt now as IG would have it a Snake Oil Salesman - Lawyer!

    I am sure that there are a whole raft of reasons why police were not directed to stop the disturbances but I sat watching the TV wondering why it was that police appeared to be standing around doing nothing.

    We in society need to be confident that our police will not let that happen again. The police i.e. those who do the job as opposed to planning for others to do it, need to be confident that those scenes are never seen again.

    As far as Home Beat Officers are concerned, I was one and they certainly existed up until fairly recently when something called Safer Neighbourhood Teams meant that the friendly local officer who knew his beat intricately evaporated to be replaced by a Team led by a Sgt which is never seen.

  4. Basic fact- as recorded on film hundreds of times all over the country during August: – dozens of rioters, hundreds of coppers standing by doing absolutely nothing. Except watch the mayhem and crime unfold all around them..

    • Ahh but why?

      As I have said many times…you get the police you want…and deserve…

      I have just watched the Burghaus Broadcasting Communists take on the report…

      I loved the people they got to comment on the causes… Stating stop and search was a major factor in the riots…

      In case you don’t know this, a fair amount of villains don’t like us stopping and searching them because we take their drugs and weapons off them …we also arrest them,

      They will take any opportunity to reduce the Police’s ability to disrupt them…

  5. Just saw that story on the news too… The victims of the riots state we’re to blame for not acting firmly enough, in that we did ‘nothing’.

    Unsurprisingly, those ACTUALLY responsible for rioting say we’re to blame for acting too firmly in our use of stop and search.

    Let’s just look at the figure again. 80% of rioters had previous. That’s 80% of the estimated 13,000-15,000 rioters.

    How many police were on duty those first few nights? Let’s face it, we were quite outnumbered by those with an arrest history and a grudge.

    The stop and search argument simply does wash.

  6. Quelle fuckin’ surprise. It’s all our fault.
    Next headline: Police to blame for mass Dinosaur extinction shock!!

  7. Half-assed@ 6:53

    So, HOW do you explain hundreds of cops, in full gear, standing around in front of the cameras, watching a few dozen kids set fire to buildings….. and doing absolutely nothing?

    • In the words of Herr Flick: “they voz only following ze orders…”

      We tend not to arrest people in riots…

      We have learned from experience that the rioters often deliberately get arrested as it takes at least 2-officers to deal with a prisoner…

      Our lines would be empty after about 30-mins…


      If only we had more officers… Opps… We are losing 16,000…


  8. I did have to laugh when I read it is the fault of the police. Obviously the same common sense defying logic that leads the kind of mindset that keeps criminals and nutters on to the streets to commit another hundred or so crimes before putting them away for a year or two… ad nauseam

  9. We have learned from experience that the rioters often deliberately get arrested as it takes at least 2-officers to deal with a prisoner…

    BULLSHIT! What rationalisation for cowardice and non-action, and a complete betrayal of your Oath.

    These rioters make this particular strategic decision, did they? To get arrested just to fcuk up your (sorry! , not you, “Shijuro” of course, I meant the the *real* police’s) operational plans?

    Are you (a) a bullshitting wanker? or (b) just parochial and stupid?

    (A bit of both, I suspect)

    Buddy your are now crossing (good yard beyond!) the line between stereotype and ridiculous caricature.

    You disgust me and all right-thinking citizens who have been paying for the Polices’ feather-bedded asses for far too long.

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