Remind me again, what’s the point of working for a living?

Britain’s most feckless father is today expected to see the birth of his 16th child by 14 different women, with another one on the way in a matter of weeks.

Unemployed Jamie Cumming and his new girlfriend were expecting the baby to arrive on Friday, but the teenage mother-to-be was sent home from hospital the following day after doctors found she was having a ‘slow labour’.

Cumming, 34, from Dundee, has already fathered 15 children with 13 different mothers, and is expecting a further child with another woman in January.

Unemployed: Jamie Cumming is expecting his 16th child today. He has had his children with 14 different women 

Jamie (shouldn’t be) Cumming-going home for a rest…

His current lover is 19-year-old Chelsea, while another 19-year-old gave birth to Cumming’s 15th baby two weeks ago, and a third teen is expected to give birth to his 17th in the new year.


I get up at 0515hrs most days to cycle to work…I do a job that is, err…frustrating…most of the time for money that is, shall we say crap.

For what?

This bloke does sweet FA except shag anything that moves…


I bet he gets a lot more money for that than I get for my ‘job’…

How far have we gone down the path of destruction?

If ever there was a man with an apt name…I mean, Cumming???


2 responses to “Remind me again, what’s the point of working for a living?

  1. He should be given a choice nip and tuck or no benefits the feckless youth

  2. simple answer – Stop his benefit and only give vouchers for milk, nappies etc then he’ll soon stop.

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