Ken Clarke's u-turn has raised new questions about the Coalition's ambition in dismantling Labout's 'quangocracy' 

Ken (talks tough but is a bit of a lolly-pop) Clarke yesterday abandoned plans to scrap the ‘ineffective’ Youth Justice Board – his second quango U-turn in only 24 hours.

As part of David Cameron’s so-called ‘bonfire  of the quangos’ (lol), Ministers had planned to axe the YJB, which was put in charge of dealing  with teenage criminals by the last Labour government.

But, following pressure from the House of Lords (a NONE ELECTED-UNACCOUNTABLE BODY), the Ministry of Justice said it had now changed its mind. The move came after separate plans to abandon the Office of the Chief Coroner were ditched by the MoJ.

The U-turns raise fresh question marks over the Government’s determination to dismantle Labour’s ‘quangocracy’.

The YJB had been condemned as ‘ineffective and expensive’ by the respected think-tank  Policy Exchange.

It carried out a study which found that while the number of people aged 10 to 25 who admitted committing at least one criminal offence had risen, the number of convictions was falling.

Author Max Chambers concluded: ‘The Youth Justice Board should be scrapped. Its central co-ordinating functions could easily be given back to the Ministry of Justice.’

Ministers initially agreed – only to change their position yesterday.

The MoJ said the youth justice system still needed reform, but ‘following careful consideration’, the board would be saved.


So, only 49 of the 200 quangos identified as carrying out entirely unnecessary tasks had actually been abolished.

I wonder why?

Nothing to do with the difficulty of explaining to your mates (that head the quangos) them that you are about to take their 150k a year meal ticket away?

Your mate may also know a few of your skeletons hidden in your closet and may be leaning towards that call to the News of the … opps… Daily Hail to cough up  some very smelly beans to the press for money thereby making up for the losses caused by you by closing his totally useless, but for those involved highly profitable quango?

But no…

I mean…

Our politicians are above all that eh?





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  1. He turns 180 degrees much faster or more frequently with his girth he may be mistaken for a spinning top

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