A little help from your friend?

Sacked: But Sergeant Neil Salter is fighting to be reinstated after being asked to quit for trying to hide a dead colleague's affair
A veteran policeman is fighting to save his job after being sacked for trying to hide a dead colleague’s affair from his family.

After Detective Constable Ian Morton died in a car crash, Sergeant Neil Salter asked another officer to destroy his phone in case it contained ‘awkward’ text messages, the High Court heard.

But that officer instead reported Sgt Salter to his superiors at the Dorset Police, and the long-serving sergeant was asked to resign.

A tribunal ordered that he should be reinstated at a lower rank, but the police force is now appealing that decision, arguing that Sgt Salter’s ‘operational dishonesty’ made him unfit to continue his 22-year career.

Whilst investigating DC Morton’s death in October 2008, Sgt Salter uncovered evidence that he was, unbeknownst to his partner, having an affair with a female special constable from another force, with whom he had spent the night before his death.

He therefore instructed a junior officer to ‘find and destroy’ DC Morton’s mobile phone, which he feared would contain compromising texts.

Err… have I missed something here?

A DS tries to protect someone’s feelings at a tragic time and gets the sack?

The panel – not known for their warm and fluffy feelings towards the Police, order a reduction in rank-BUT THE JOB WANT HIM SACKED????

He didn’t commit any crime… A dead man’s ‘phone can’t really be damaged-who is the IP?


What evidence? Police are only concerned with evidence of crime, not shagging.


As to the DC that bubbled him…I bet the Chief is SOOO proud and a glowing career in PSD awaits…

What a shower-I fcuking hate this job sometimes…


2 responses to “A little help from your friend?

  1. Rookie mistake,should have destroyed it himself.Don’t know who to trust anymore………
    This smacks of example setting by a tiny force with no proper corruption so they move the goal-posts to prosecute this well meaning “corruption”.

  2. They appear to contest the officers integrity. Fair comment, other than the fact that it is human nature to reduce the awfulness of bereavement. The mobile is simply an extention of the human memory in my view, and ‘forgetting’ about in this case by physically destroying, is the same as keeping shtum.

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