Knife v person…

Anyone that thinks it’s easy to fight a knife wielding nutter…

Check this out…


4 responses to “Knife v person…

  1. Just like you … this video link don’t work.

    Anyway, what do you have to worry about? You are Master Yanagiryuken!!

    What’s the matter Sh1tty? Does not practicing to defend yourself against skinny, effete middle class weasels, prancing around in highly ritualistic and highly choreographed dances (called katas) every Wednesday night down the community centre, has never really prepared you for *real* combat?

    Better run away (again) before someone with a knife takes your truncheon from you and shoves it up your ass.

    (There again knowing you, you probably would not run so fast as not to be caught…….)

    Kiai! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    HA HA HA!!!!!!!


    *Boy, I look forward to meeting you

    • looks like you can’t even use a computer correctly-the link does work…

      I pity you.

      There was a time when I took some of what you said to heart, but after I realised you are full of hot air… I stopped caring and just smile at your juvenile rantings…which is scary really-as you are obviously a ‘grown-up’…

      And… that’s the real scary things folks-people like this have families, jobs… and they do things like this…

      Yes, pity is the only thing I feel now…for someone that has such an empty life…

    • Wow, you can vote. Actually, can prisoners vote? I know Cleggers wants this….

  2. Sounds about right; thats what I teach in the self-defence training I do for various friends. 15-20 feet, any less and you’re getting clobbered (obviously in my example it’s whether to run or fight).

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