Justice for Adrian Prout…

Yeah… Another fit up by the cops… Looking at the obvious ‘suspect’ they haven’t made any effort to find the real killer… Or even Mrs Prout… There is no body so he obviously did not kill her…


I bet they feel like a bunch of Charlie’s now eh?

Especially after his failure of a polygraph and subsequent cough of killing her…

Word to the wise boys and girls of the “Justice for Adrian Prout”…

Prisons are full of innocent people…


4 responses to “Justice for Adrian Prout…

  1. The site is closed but do read the comments which are still there. Below is what the site thinks is an suitable explanation for sheltering and supporting a convicted murderer:Late on the 17/11/2011, news began to break of a ‘cell confession’ allegedly made by Adrain Prout. We were sceptical given the reliability of such reports but quite properly made independent enquiries into the veracity of details reported in the press releases.

    When we received a response to those enquiries, we immediately held an emergency phone conference and removed all related content pending official confirmation. The extent of that confession is now a matter of public record and what was until it was made a purely circumstantial case with conflicting court testimony is now one whereby the previous claim of innocence is no longer credible.

    Our thoughts and sincere sympathy are with Kate’s family at this time and we hope that these developments ultimately lead to the closure they deserve. We are also mindful that they are not alone in their suffering, and hope that everyone who has been adversely affected are afforded the respect and space they need at this difficult time.

    While we understand the current and inevitable interest in this site, we leave this message here both to offer our condolences and as an explanation as to why the content you were directed to no longer exists. When that interest has gone and hence the explanation no longer fulfilling any purpose, the site will be withdrawn since clearly the case no longer meets the requirements of the Wrongly Accused Person Organisation.

    • The problem with these type of sites is that you, as members of the public, don’t always have the insight into the criminal mind that we do.

      We get it wrong too, of course but not very often.

      Prout has blown this out of the water.

  2. Daily Mirror – //MURDERER Adrian Prout failed a lie detector test and then brazenly admitted: “Your test is not wrong.”//

    Why was he taking the ‘test’? Because his new lady friend asked him to- and subsequently informed Police – that they (and CPS, and the Jury, and the Courts) had been right after all.

    Slightly worrying is the claim in that article, by the chap who conducted the test (British and European Polygraph Association chairman Don Cargill,) –
    // …of course, you can’t fool a polygraph.”//

    I reckon there’s a few ‘Defence Counsel” carefully adding BEPA and its ‘expert opinion’ to their Contacts list – in case they feel the need to get a test done on a potential suspect?

  3. I’m sure this group will be issuing an apology to the family of the murdered woman asap (as well as to the police for allegedly fitting him up).Breath not being held.

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