CPS… and the paperless dream…

I was talking to an old-timer the other day about his job in the File-Upgrade department.

They bring the basic files we do following arrest (not that we do much of that anymore-but that’s another story) up to ‘court standard’…his main woe was the CPS…

”They are fcuking useless, Shijuro me ol’ mate”, he said.

“I thought it was working well, this partnership. I think the Home Sec said so the other day…”

”You are havin’ a Steffi Graff. I am sick of their fcuking attitude and memos…”


It would seem that CPS lawyers have a knack for loosing evidence.

They loose CCTV.

They loose statements.

They loose entire files.

You would think that with such important documents, a system of ‘booking files in/out’ would be adopted… nahhh…

Easier to blame the cops.

One trick is to send a memo for, say a doctors report (that takes two-four weeks to get) two day before a trial. Then turn up at a trial and say, ”M’laud, I cannot show the court the medical opinion because I do not have a doctors report. Of course I requested such information from the Police, but to date it has not been forthcoming…etc…”

They blame us for everything.

Even know to be fair minded and even headed gaffers have been heard using the most err… ‘basic’ language to the CPS on the ‘phone regarding cases being dropped and us getting the blame.

Still… when we (like the rest of the country) go to the COMPLETELY PAPERLESS system of file transfers in the next few months this will all stop eh?





7 responses to “CPS… and the paperless dream…

  1. Henry Bolingbroke

    My team has adopted a policy of preparing a form of receipt for material handed to the CPS and obtaining a signature from the person on whom we serve it.

    We find it helps to concentrate their minds and provides us with a ‘don’t blame us’ insurance certificate…

  2. L – O – S – E

    Go and stand in the corner…… 😉

  3. Tatty- everyone makes mistakes…

    I wish I had a job that actually gave something to society…

    Instead of being a dole dosser…

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