Olympic struggle…



Well it’s started already at work…

The race for leave.

Not in the games next year-all leave is cancelled for the likes of me (investigative teams)…but after and before…

A fed-rep of my aquaintance has worked out the force can’t actually allow us to have our leave IN THE WHOLE YEAR if they stop leave over the Olympics…

I wonder how many in HQ are facing missing the chance to spend time with their children over the summer hols?

Should be a fun time…

Not for us though…


One response to “Olympic struggle…

  1. Don’t worry – “The Yanks are Coming”
    US plans to send 500 FBI agents to protect its athletes as organisers admit underestimating number of security guards needed
    The US has raised repeated concerns about security at the London Olympics and is preparing to send up to 1,000 of its agents, including 500 from the FBI, to provide protection for America’s contestants and diplomats, the Guardian has learned.

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