Arrests down…

I had a chat to my mate at work today… She was most fed up…

“We are scared to touch people now”, she said… “we don’t arrest people either…”

She was referring to the policy of “voluntary interviews”…

We had received guidance that we should not arrest people unless we really have to…

I kid you not.

As we don’t have much in the way of custody blocks (they have been closed to save money) so… we have to call people on the phone, get then into the station and ask them nicely if They wouldn’t mind having an interview…

Of course this has some problems…

Old ‘kitten-heels’ has been upset at the missing DNA samples… Is it any wonder? We have no powers using voluntary interviews…

“It’s not the job I joined”, she moaned as she walked off…

Too true…too true…


3 responses to “Arrests down…

  1. You piece of shit , effeminate, turd.

    You (when you were a copper and not a call-centre worker, that is) used to abuse that little bit of power with which you were entrusted and arrested people merely to interview them????

    You lament the fact that you ( I mean of course, not “you” but real police) cannot commit criminal assault and wrench hair from people in order to extract their DNA ….. and later to have a wank over it?

    You are powerless, Mavis.

    You are stupid, PC 92.

    You are a nebbish.

    You are a joke.

    I *really* do look forward to that time where you might actually summon up your rabbit’s courage and we might actually meet each other socially.

    For a “chat”……….

    (smack!… hey – where are you running to, Shij?))

  2. this troll has got him some issues, probably forced parental fellation when younger is to blame ?

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