Mad world 2

My partner and I were sent to a report of disorder at a ladies flat. She was known to have mental Heath issues and was only 26.

We get there and enter via the unlocked and open front door… She was naked and screaming at the top of her voice. When she saw us she ran full pelt into the window breaking it… After wrapping her in a blanket, tying a t-shirt around her cut arm we breathed a sigh of relief when the ambo turned up…

A day later she was back home.

We were sent again because her mum couldn’t get through on the phone…

She had hung herself in her wardrobe… Terrible sight…

System works…


8 responses to “Mad world 2

  1. I have to agree. When I started work on the ambo service the old institutions were still working. It was relatively rare that you needed to take a patient into hospital on a section. However after the closures to all intent and purpose this changed. However, dealing with these patients tended to be in the abstract. That is, using measures to control and treat them, then jogging on.

    When my nephew some years ago displayed signs and symptoms of mental illness, the glaring inadeqecies of the system was only to apperant, as in theory help is in place, but is overtaxed and difficult to access, despite the best intentions of the majority of staff.

    The impact on the family dynamic, as the bi-polar disorder became more acute and chronic, was shocking, and it then came home to me just how serious things within this sphere of medicine within the NHS had become.

  2. Care in the community works so well, doesn’t it? No doubt all the progressives are tut-tutting, shaking their heads, and saying ‘Ah, well, at least she had her freedom’…

  3. We had a very similar occurrence when a chap was released after being detained s.136. The mental health team decided to drop him off at home, despite him saying he wanted to kill himself. Off they went and phoned the good old police to ask us to do a welfare check a bit later. He too had hanged himself. So often, the genuine cases don’t seem to get the support they need, sometimes with tragic consequences.

  4. But the joke of it is, if we hand them over and MH teams kick them out as not sectionable, if they top themselves within 24 hours we get investigated!!

  5. “Off they went and phoned the good old police to ask us to do a welfare check a bit later.”

    Couldn’t they have done the “welfare check”? Sounds like their job description to me.

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