We have got it sooooo wrong…

So Vincent Tabak is guilty of murder.

Like there was any doubt.

He, no doubt, fantasised for quite a while before brutally murdering Jo Yates…then callously disposing of her body like so much rubbish.

Of course all the news channels are focused on Tabak…and why they may face reporting restrictions in future…

But…no body is talking about Jo…

Joanna Clare Yeates was born in 1985 in Hampshire, England.She was privately educated at Embley Park near Romsey. Yeates studied for her A-levels at Peter Symonds College and graduated with a degree in landscape architecture from Writtle College. She received her Master’s degree in landscape architecture at University of Gloucestershire.[
In December 2008, Jo met then-25-year-old fellow landscape architect Greg Reardon, at the firm Hyland Edgar Driver in Winchester. The couple moved in together in 2009 and settled in Clifton, Bristol when the company relocated to that area. Jo later moved jobs to work at the Building Design Partnership in Bristol.




2 responses to “We have got it sooooo wrong…

  1. You gave me goose bumps. But yes your right, let’s talk about Jo- her life was cut short for Tabaks gratification.
    RIP Jo

  2. This may sound odd, but I actually used to live about a 5m walk from that road.

    Was chatting to an ex-detective mate over a pint this weekend; used to work a lot of the ‘nasty’ investigations, typically murders or very very serious assaults (near-death etc) before leaving the police.

    His comment was that Tabak was a future potential serial murderer with all the boxes he ticked. His other comment was pretty grim too people like Tabak do not reform, they are dangerous until they are too old / infirm to be able to carry out their fantasies.

    I wonder if he’ll get deported at the end of his term?

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