Christian charity?

I had to smile at the news that St. Paul’s are starting legal action to evict the anti-capitalists… Well, ignoring for a moment that most of the protesters are tree-huggers that are very unlikely to ever pay tax…they still have Gods love etc.?

Well, that’s what the church is telling us at every opportunity…

So, I am sure that the fact they are losing an estimated £16,000-per day in tourist tips had NOTHING to do with the decision to get them moved eh?

So much for freedom of speech and Christian charity….


One response to “Christian charity?

  1. A newspaper report mentioned that about 70% of the tents are left empty at night when the ‘occupants’ go home or to an hotel. Surely, if they do this, then they are committing the offence of littering – leaving stuff behind on the pavement – in which case the council can remove this rubbish and then fine the offenders. Surely someone somewhere must have come up with this idea?

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