Is Keir secretly a Police groupie?

no… but he is kind of on our side in this case…

Reforms: Director of Public Prosecutions Kier Starmer QC 

Police and prosecutors should have the right to appeal against the release of dangerous offenders on bail, the Director of Public Prosecutions said yesterday.

In a major step forward for victims’ groups, Keir Starmer, QC, lent his backing to a bail reform to allow prosecutors to challenge a judge’s decision to grant bail if they fear the suspect will go on to commit further offences.

Official figures show that bailed suspects commit one offence every four minutes. Last year 142,537 crimes were carried out by suspects on bail for another offence.

More than one murder every week is committed by a criminal on bail, according to police figures.


this is days after Keir met with the parents of murdered nurse Jane Clough.

Jane was allegedly raped by her ex-boyf (won’t mention the scum’s name here). The police arrested and submitted a remand file to court because they were so concerned at the level of hatred he showed to Miss Clough.

The judge gave him bail-despite an impassioned plea by CPS to remand him as there was ‘a high probability he would interfere with witness’ -lawyer speak for attack or kill the only person that could jail him.

The judge didn’t listen to those that knew him better and gave conditional bail-that lasted all of a few hours-he cycled to the hospital, stabbed her 70-times and cut her throat. Exactly what the Police said was likely to happen.

Her devastated parents, John and Penny, have campaigned to change the law, saying their daughter was betrayed by the criminal justice system.

I am all for Keir’s reforms…but this kind of borderline vicarious manslaughter will only stop when WE MAKE JUDGES PERSONALLY ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR DECISIONS.

Nothing else will work.


Victim: Jane Clough was stabbed to death by former paramedic Jonathan Vass who had been released from prison on bail

RIP…Jane Clough


7 responses to “Is Keir secretly a Police groupie?

    Something that I’ve been saying for years now!

  2. Another judge delivers a laughable sentence
    This Police Officer could have been severely disabled by this unprovoked assault. 12 months, of which he’ll serve next to sod all!

    • I loved the officer’s line: “I hope it sends out a clear message that this sort of behaviour will not be tolerated.”

      err… no it doesn’t… it says, ”assault officers as much as you like and you will get a crap sentence…”

      Mmm… with the PSD Supt. standing 3-inches away from her, I bet…

      Officers are not normally allowed to speak to the press unless they have been cleared by the Thought Police.

  3. Totally agree; i’d take that one step further. Make it so the default position is that a judge is personally accountable for releasing a dangerous criminal against the advice of experts.

    Otherwise, why even have the police / CPS at court; my genuine impression of the system at the moment is that everything the defence/defendant says is taken as gospel, and the other side of the room, witnesses included are pretty much ignored. Lets save the public purse the cash and the police / CPS time.

    I notice that in the US while they do have similar problems the local judges tend to be more sensible on the whole. Why? They can lose their position easily.

  4. You do realise of course that judges,magistrates and the ilk do not read papers, watch the news or read blogs like this one in case they become tainted with what is going on and what the rest of the waking world thinks.

  5. Imagine the scene: Police officer arresting a drunk for criminal damage. The drunk is resisting arrest. A friend of the drunk, upset at his mate being stopped from his Saturday night enjoyment, picks up a traffic cone (those red and white things with a heavy black rubber base) and hits the PC in the back, causing him to fall over. The drunk and his mate then take the opportunity of……….no, not running away and evading arrest……….jump on the PCs back and proceed to give him a good kicking. Eventually arrested by other officers, one is charged with criminal damage, resisting arrest and ABH, while the other is arrested for aiding and abetting resisting arrest and ABH. They are both interviewed and charged with those offences. CPS and the (2) defence solicitors (both legal aid) have a chat where it is discovered that the two miscreants will plead guilty to assault on Police (no criminal damage, resisting arrest or ABH). Wishing to keep within their budget while meeting their positive targets, CPS agree. Both offenders fined £150.00 (which they didn’t pay), ordered to pay £200 compensation each (which they didn’t pay) and order to carry out 80 hours unpaid community service (which they didn’t do). CPS are happy because they could tick their little boxes while remaining in budget; the defence briefs are happy because the public paid for their actions in having their clients charges reduced; two obnoxious sh*ts are happy because they gave a copper a good kicking and got away with it. Meanwhile, the injuries to the PCs spine mean that, some 6 months after the court appearance, he receives a medical retirement from the Police after 17 years service. If anyone from the CPS tells me it is raining outside or what day it is or what time it is, I will look outside, check a calendar or look at a watch. Keir Starmer’s comments are for one aim – to keep him in his job for which is underqualified and overpaid. If this had happened when Police did the prosecutions then there would probably have been two prison sentences and I would be slightly more happy than I am now.

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