Brave new world…

“surrender your flesh and a new world awaits you: we demand it…”…. Animatrix: the second renaissance part two…

We are facing a massive change in the way we work.

It is to be driven by two factors: money… and the reduction in staff…

We have been told that our model is similar to other forces and there is no avoiding it…

1. Response and beat teams are to be cut to the bone… They will only respond to emergencies and nearly emergencies (those that need to be done in 30-mins to 1-hour).

2. Prisoner handling teams are to be strengthened… They will deal with the prisoners from the shift bobbies…

3. Case builders (restricted bobbies and civvies) that will sort out files for court…

4. CID and the investigation teams ( like CID but don’t deal with robbers and burglars) are to be expanded to deal with the stuff the beat officers would normally deal with.

5. Routine jobs are to be triaged by officers that will work by appointment.

Sound good eh?

Now all we need is enough officers to do it…



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