Oh yes, the Police must cut back…but not on things the gaffers want…

A police force has spent more than £100,000 on art for its new headquarters – at a time when it is shedding 3,000 jobs and needs to save £134 million.

Greater Manchester Police has bought two murals commemorating the work of Sir Robert Peel, the father of modern policing, for its £64 million building in Newton Heath, Manchester.

One piece, which cost £40,500 and hangs inside the public entrance, features a picture of Peel formed from his own words.

Controversy: Greater Manchester Police has been criticised for spending more than £100,000 on art for its new headquarters at a time when it needs to save £134million 

Another costing £60,500 hangs by the staff entrance.

The latest round of redundancy notices were issued to civilian staff – officers cannot be made redundant – this month and they are expected to leave in January.


This is a phenomenon we all know well in the Police (and public sector in general…), they spend money like water on things we don’t need and penny pinch on things we do…

My tutor told me once that the cops are ”penny-wise, pound foolish…”…too true Jock.

I bet the officers in the GMP that read this will be nodding sadly-as they hunt around the station for breath-kit tubes…

It’s not just them…

One force I know spend MILLIONS on refurbishing their custody suites and then CLOSED THEM- because they DIDN’T HAVE THE STAFF TO RUN THEM BECAUSE OF CUTS!!!

People just don’t know the half of it…


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