Gadaffi didn’t duck…

So, farewell then Muammar.

You were ‘in charge’ for many years.

But you forgot one thing… sooner or later a pipe will be the death of you…

EJ Thribb aged 13 and 3/4.


Well… he has gone.

I loved the pathetic cries from Amnesty International that it was ”wrong” and ”we need an enquiry to establish exactly what happened”

lol good luck with that one…


Bono, I know what happened.

A man that had lied to, oppressed and murdered his own people was deposed and… instead of running away when he could, arrogantly defied the will of the masses…they caught him and shot him in the face.

As a REAL great man once remarked:

”100000 Englishmen simply cannot control 350 million Indians





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