How to deal with idiots that don’t do what they are told…

A tearful Lindsay Lohan was led away from court in handcuffs and taken into custody today after a judge blasted her for violating probation.

The troubled actress, 25, had her probation revoked pending a November 2 hearing after Judge Stephanie Sautner slammed her for failing to complete time at the Downtown Women’s Centre.

The Mean Girls star is now understood to have been released after posting $100,000 and will not spend time behind bars – for now, at least.

 Cuffed: Lohan was led away in handcuffs and taken into custody after the hearing. It is likely she will post bail and be released by the end of the day
In England-in 2009… Pete Doherty allegedly turns up to court with drugs in his pocket

Pete Doherty arrested leaving court (Pic: PA)

A bemused-looking Pete Doherty is marched from court by police yesterday after allegedly turning up for a drink-driving hearing with drugs in his pocket.

Witnesses claimed a packet, said to contain speed, fell from his pocket as he checked in at the court security desk.


Of course if the ‘Babyshambles’ ‘singer’ had done that in the USA he would still be inside I suspect…

Why are we such pussies when it comes to putting idiots in prison?


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