A sarge says it all…

“I feel nothing more than contempt [for the Met]. I feel very angry, very upset about the way I’ve been dealt with. I retired after thirty years and wasn’t spoken to by anybody in any senior position. It makes you feel pretty worthless. I don’t know why I did the thirty years. I could not recommend it as a career to anybody.”

I know EXACTLY how you feel sarge…


7 responses to “A sarge says it all…

  1. Shi – the closest I got to a ‘Management comment’ when I resigned was – my notification to the Chief Constable being returned with a note scrawled on it [Paraphrased] “PC Thor, you cannot resign without using the correct form. We haven’t got any (Signed) A/Insp Incompetence Dept”

  2. I retired from the Met as a sergant after 30 years service – all in uniform and all on releifs and response teams. The highest rank that saw me out of the job was my mate who was the acting inspector on my last day. As time passes I wonder if I expected too much. It’s not that hard to arrange for a member of the SMT to drop in and say goodbye. Still bitter after 7 years retirement – oh yes!

  3. I know of a PC who retired after 30 years service and on his last day had to go and find a supervisor to hand in his warrant card to. Twats!

  4. On the flip side, when I had a little misunderstanding with D & C some years ago, a Chief Inspector came to see me a few days before to wish me luck. So some of them are alright. 🙂

  5. His comments sum up the job these days.

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