DNA…hey hey…

A shocking 13,000 killers, paedophiles and rapists are missing from the national DNA database, it emerged last night.

The convicts, all of whom are at liberty, may have been able to get away with further crimes because of the gaping hole in the system.

Home Secretary Theresa May told MPs she had asked police to track down the murderers and sex attackers to obtain DNA samples.

But chief constables, who have complained about a shortage of funding, refused to give a blanket promise that they would succeed. The Association of Chief Police Officers said only that forces would ‘consider diverting resources’ to the mission.

Well two things here on this one…

Firstly, isn’t the Home Sec in charge of the cops? So I think ACPO should do more than ‘consider’ getting the samples?

Secondly, oh the hell with it..

Who cares…


4 responses to “DNA…hey hey…

  1. maybe if the home secretary looked at the poor sentances passed out then they wouldnt be at liberty in the first place. The police did their job. They were caught and convicted. Now maybe she should do hers.

  2. Don’t be silly dungeon. Politicians aren’t there to achieve anything; well, at least nothing positive at any rate.

  3. @tbs – Of course politicians are ‘there’ to achieve something positive – re-election.

    Cynic mode ON-
    If all ‘known sex offenders’ ARE traced, and DNA matched with every outstanding crime for 40+ years – the figures for those ‘perverts caged’ will be published. But NOT the numbers of those who haven’t re-offended

  4. you’re right of course. My bad, i was wrong to think elected officials are not really there to serve and protect the public, just themselves. I shall get back to my dungeon.

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