The truth about pursuits…

It may sound like a dramatic end to a police chase – an officer running alongside a moving car to force the driver to stop on the back of a 27-mile highway pursuit.

But the scene that played on the A12 could not be mistaken for any action sequence from a Hollywood action movie.

The ‘criminal’ was a pensioner driving at just 10mph, who ignored the flashing blue lights of the police car, eventually forcing an officer to get out of his vehicle and pursue her on foot, a court heard.

He finally stopped Caroline Turner, 76, by tapping on her window, but even then she simply said: ‘There’s nothing to discuss, I’m going home.’

Driving dangerously: Police were forced to detain great-grandmother Caroline Turner in a cell overnight because they feared her driving could have led to a fatal accidentCaroline Turner…

It’s a funny story I guess… but the comments were funnier… one asked why the cops didn’t veer into her path…

Err… because they don’t want to go to prison?

The truth is, if we cause injury to someone we are following the officers are immediately suspended from driving Police vehicles and they are looking at potential charges being put together by the ol’ CPS…

Also… they would have been able to see into the car…and see granny at the wheel…driving at 10-mph.

Thinking about it…10-mph could be quite dangerous in certain circumstances…




2 responses to “The truth about pursuits…

  1. 27 miles @ 10mph. Probably took most of those two hours to get a ‘dynamic risk assessment’ and permission to use non-standard ‘tap on the window’ to effect a stop.?

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