This weeks “best cop to work with” award goes to …

Prejudice claims: Peter Vince-LindsayThe most fun cop to work with: Peter Vince-Lindsay

A police officer who repeatedly accused colleagues of racism has been rebuked by a judge for his ‘unjustified’ claims.

PC Peter Vince-Lindsay brought 14 allegations of discrimination against British Transport Police, including claiming that, because he was black, officers failed to back him up quickly enough when he was hit with snowballs.

He also argued that they deliberately excluded him from a meal in a busy food tent while on duty at Henley Regatta. But the 43-year-old’s case was thrown out by an employment tribunal judge who described it as ‘absolutely unjustified’.

PC Vince-Lindsay claimed he was the victim of a sustained campaign of discrimination and harassment, and criticised the behaviour of three sergeants.

At the centre of the case was  an incident outside Caledonian Road railway station in north London last winter when the officer, who was based in nearby Highbury, saw two youths throwing snowballs at passengers.

After radioing for support from colleagues, he detained the pair and threatened to ‘break their legs’ if they did not stop, the tribunal was told.

PC Vince-Lindsay claimed it took two patrols ten minutes to arrive – and complained the delay was because his sergeant was racist.

The command and control system log showed the officers took 3-minutes to arrive…

We have all met people like this chap in the job… some are worse than others.

I joined with a bloke that tried to complain that one of our trainers was racist because he received lower marks on our ‘definitions’ test than the rest of the class..

He was black and would not make a police officer while he had a hole in his arse…

The fact he was black was, of course, irrelevant… he was thick-a problem that spans all demographics… 😉

What I think is the most interesting thing about this is the fact he has not bee disciplined for his crap behaviour- and how scared the senior officers are of him…

I have seen this personally…

I knew a chap that had dredd-locks… big ones… I saw a Supt. within 5-feet of this chap tell off a WPC for having slightly too long hair, then tell him he was free to wear his hair anyway he wanted-and to come to him if anyone disagreed and ordered him to get it cut…

Moral cowardice…

One response to “This weeks “best cop to work with” award goes to …

  1. It’s an easy allegation to throw around. Made easier by the diversity industry.

    Look at Dezai, banging that particular drum had (and still) has him sat in the highest echelons of the police circus.

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