Above the call of duty?

Furious: Mark Bradford, 46, attacked the teenager after being 'killed' by the schoolboy in an online game of Call of DutyLoser: Mark Bradford

A middle-aged man charged round to the house of a schoolboy and throttled him after his online character was killed during a game of Call Of Duty, a court heard.

Mark Bradford, 46, was furious when he was gunned down in the war simulation by the 13-year-old, and ‘lost it’ when the youngster goaded him over his online death.

Unemployed father of three Bradford stormed from his bedsit in Plymouth, Devon, and confronted the youngster at the boy’s friend’s house by placing his hands round the schoolboy’s neck.

The pair had been playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops against each other online and talking using microphones.

The attack ended when the teenager’s horrified mother pulled Bradford off the boy, who was left scratched and with reddening to the neck.

Plymouth Magistrates heard that Bradford then simply walked away without saying a word.

The boy, who cannot be identified, said: ‘I was just sat playing. We’d had a bit of a joke and then he stormed in and grabbed me.

Mmm… 13-year old playing an 18-year old rated game and dole dosser aside , it just shows you: you never know how far someone is willing to go when they are provoked…

It could have so easily been a murder…

This is what a lot of ‘online warriors’ or trolls forget.

Of course, as the ‘adult’ he should have simply ignored the trollish behaviour of a child, because the anger and upset of reply is what drives the troll to do what it does.

We all know that.

However, nobody is immune from human nature and from that nature comes the urge to fight back and destroy the tormentor.

Of course, the consequences for the person seeking out and confronting the troll are far reaching-loss of job, home, freedom even…

But… the consequences for the troll (as shown above) can be …permanent.


4 responses to “Above the call of duty?

  1. Oh dreary, dreary me – //’Violent video games may actually reduce crime as aggressive players are “too busy” shooting virtual enemies to cause trouble in the real world, experts claim.//


    • Love those comparisons… Video shooters have only been around since the last few years of the 20th century …the most violent century in the history of mankind…

      The Great War, Russian revolution, WW2 (inc. Holocaust), Stalins purges, Korea, Vietnam, Falklands, Bosnia, Gulf War one…

      Many millions died in these wars…and not a copy of Call of Duty in sight…

  2. “nobody is immune from human nature and from that nature comes the urge to fight back and destroy the tormentor.”

    Spot on. Children say and do things to each other they’d have had their faces punched in for in my day. It all changed when bullies were reclassified as victims and attempts were made to forcibly re-educate everyone else to accept it. Now and again a bit of old-fashioned retribution slips through though.

    Not sayin it’s right what this grown man did but the kid obviously had no qualms about winding up an adult. He should have.

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