Speed kills?

So the government wants to raise the speed limit to 80-mph on the motorway…to help the economy…


How exactly?

An average car uses 25% more fuel at 80-mph as it does travelling at 70-mph..

Perhaps that’s it…they want us to spend more money at the pumps?



With the bins and now this… they have a new policy advisor…

Government's new policy advisor?








The stopping distance for an average car travelling at 80-mph is 622 feet…


One response to “Speed kills?

  1. “An average car uses 25% more fuel at 80-mph”

    Was going to say, I think you’ve answered your own question there. Besides, watch this sketch for a humorous look at our road system from the perspective of just about any other non-european country (it’s worth watching the whole thing but the roads bit is at 1:43 onwards):

    Fantastic comedian that instead of only set gags does a lot of improv and observational humour linking his set pieces; seen him live repeatedly, well worth the cash.

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