What’s the point?

Slow zone: Conservative MEPs rubbished the suggestion promoted by the EU that all member states should agree to the 20mph limit in all residential areas

A road sign earlier ago…

The European Union’s plans to enforce a mandatory 20mph speed limit in residential zones and replace the Highway Code with European law has sparked outrage from British politicians.

Conservative Members of the European Parliament tonight slammed the suggestion to decrease the limit as ‘silly’, along with other ideas which were promoted.

Dozens of road safety notions were endorsed thanks to a show of hands in the European Parliament.

MEPS were voting on a report drawn up by centre-right MEP Dieter-Lebrecht Koch, whose resolution on behalf of the Parliament’s Transport Committee includes the introduction of 30km speed limits in residential areas and on all one-lane roads in urban areas which have no separate cycle lane, ‘with a view to protecting vulnerable road users more effectively’.

Mmm… outrage! Err… at what exactly?
I don’t know anyone that obeys road traffic law anyway…
People speed, double park, don’t signal, use ‘phones when driving…
Telling people to drive at 20?
Tell someone he is an idiot he smiles, tell him his wife is ugly and he will say its your opinion… tell him he can’t drive…and he gets really upset…

7 responses to “What’s the point?

  1. Shijuro…. your wife *is* ugly.

  2. Shijuro…. I meant the your current wife.

    She’s so ugly, they filmed :”Gorillas in the Mist”, in her shower.

    • What? The ‘scientist’ making an error? (not being specific…)

      And your wife is so ugly you could press her face into dough to make pig biscuits.

      when she was a baby they used to feed her with a catapult…

      She was so ugly as a child, her parents tied a bone around her neck so the dog would play with her…

      and so fat, Jabba the Hut said, “whoa!”

      So big she shops for clothes at ‘Camping Continental’…

      So dumb, she thought a ‘lightsabre’ had fewer calories…

  3. Shijuro…. you ain’t so good looking yourself.

    Nor too brainy either, I hear.

    Tells lies a lot too……….

    Oh, for professional standards and men of character in public office! (sigh)

    • I agree… I punch above my weight with my wifey… she is lovely.

      True about the brain power too, hence the course to improve myself.

      Well, we all tell lies on occasion, so I guess that’s true too…

      PSD are ok. In the past, I have been dealt with with fairness and without rancour…

      As to the good character of public servants … we are in complete agreement.

      (still using the proxy server I see… guess you aren’t that brave yet eh?)

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