Classy… but not unexpected…

Angry critics predicted chaos when a club promised ‘fantastic offers’ like pints of beer for 20p and 10p shots especially for new students. And guess what.. it was.

Despite the warnings, the ‘2 Bob Tuesdays’ event at The Show Bar in Warrington, Cheshire went ahead last night as advertised from ‘10.30pm until late’.

The promotion had been slammed as ‘irresponsible’ by alcohol abuse campaigners. A manager at the nightclub defended the pricing strategy earlier in the week, saying ‘we don’t force them to drink’ – words that appear not have been heeded by many of the clientele.

Out for the night: A 'tired' young woman uses her handbag as a makeshift pillow after hours of cut-price drinking at The Show Bar in Warrington, Cheshire 

Easy cure for this…

Drunk tanks… have a nice overnighter on us… until the next available court…

Make the pub pay for the ambulance/hospital/policing for anyone that gets in this state…




5 responses to “Classy… but not unexpected…

  1. nice arse though…

  2. Thats bang in the centre of my patch; I’m working on Tuesday night too!!!
    Good Luck to all in Green and Blue 😉

  3. the drunk tanks here are funny. the hole in the floor/urinal always attracts the person who’s never been there as they appreciate the fact that the drunk homeless native guys dont sleep by it……until said drunk homeless native guy has a call of nature to answer.

  4. Where did she get a pillow from?

    • Looks like it’s her handbag and covered in sequins, at that. Her face is going to look like she barely survived a plague when she wakes up….but only on that one side…lovely.

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