Bloody what Mr Mayor ????

A mayor has been forced to undergo ethnicity awareness training, after making a racist outburst to a call centre worker.

Councillor Bob Clark left the worker shocked and shaking for the rest of the day after his racist comments.

The town mayor of Padiham, Lancashire, was speaking to Hazif Rehman, a worker at Calico Housing, which owns and manages homes in Pennine, Lancashire.

"Yes, darling...there is one rule for us and one for everyone else...good eh?"

He was phoning on behalf of a resident from the area who had lost the keys to his home and was locked out. 

However, while trying to get the situation resolved, the councillor’s language got out of control.

David Talbot, investigating officer for the complaint, said: ‘Throughout the telephone call, councillor Clark’s tone is forthright and, in particular, he refers to being a councillor five times and deputy mayor of Padiham on three occasions.

‘At the end of the telephone call councillor Clark is heard to say, directed to a person in his vicinity rather than to Mr Rehman himself, ‘bloody P*** on the phone.’’

Well, I guess that being a mayor DOES have it’s advantages… not getting sacked for calling people racist names, for one… I have seem officers sacked for less…

I wonder if he will pay for the course? Heh… I wouldn’t have thought so…

The investigating officer sums it up nicely…

Plugs his councillor status FIVE times then looses it?

I have dealt with a local councillor like this chap on the ‘phone… I have found the best way to sort out people trying to bully you is to notice it and challenge it…

All I did was say, ”why do keep mentioning you are a councillor? Are you trying to coerce me?”

He reversed so quickly you could hear the sonic boom…

Of course the delicious irony is that had he been suspended his deputy would have been mayor… and he is a BNP man…



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