Best Judge of the week and dumb villain of the week awards go to…

It was Joe Hodosi's third firearms office, Bristol Crown Court heard


A bungling armed robber was recognised by staff after he walked into his local takeaway, which he regularly visited, and stole £100 cash.

Joe Hodosi strolled into Miss Millie’s chicken burger bar in Weston-Super-Mare – 320 metres from his house – with a black plastic bag and pulled out a sawn-off shotgun and demanded the money.

The 25-year-old ordered the terrified staff at the fast food restaurant ‘not to look’ at his uncovered face and loaded the weapon before pointing it at three staff, Bristol Crown Court heard today.

When police viewed CCTV footage at the takeaway chain they instantly recognised Hodosi, as did the shop’s manager – who named him as a regular customer.

He also managed to drop a gun cartridge on the floor when exiting the takeaway restaurant and was jailed indefinitely after the court heard it was his third firearms offence.

Judge Carol Hagen ruled that Hodosi should serve six years before being considered for parole and called his gun rampage ‘chilling’.

Nicholas Fridd, prosecuting, said the incident, at 3.30am on April 18, saw Hodosi demand £100 from a worker behind the counter and tell staff ‘don’t look’.

A force armoury expert said the gun appeared to be a sawn-off shotgun, but no weapon was ever found.

Hodosi, who was arrested at his then-girlfriend’s home – just 174 metres from the shop, admitted robbery, possessing a firearm and criminal damage.

The 25-year-old lived only 320 metres away from the takeaway shop in Western-Super-Mare and could not remember performing the robbery

In police interview he said he was in a ‘blue haze’ at the time because he had taken valium, drunk half-a-litre of Southern Comfort and could not remember the robbery.

The court heard Hodosi had two previous firearms offences – possessing an air rifle when aged 16 and shooting someone with an air rifle, causing actual bodily harm, in 2006.

Judge Hagen deemed Hodosi was a ‘substantial risk’ of harm to the public.

She said if indeed he could not remember committing such a serious crime, it was a ‘chilling’ thought, and passed an indeterminate sentence for public protection.

Wow… a judge passing a REAL sentence… good for her!

But spare a thought for the poor villain… he is SOOO troll-thick he orders his FAVE food too???!!?



6 responses to “Best Judge of the week and dumb villain of the week awards go to…

  1. You dont think he went in there and asked for ‘the usual’ before robbing the place?

  2. At least he didn’t go back and ask for the cartridge he’d dropped?

    In Manchester Crown Court – //When the attempted armed robbery was foiled by a brave shopkeeper, Anthony Gorman could at least be happy he made his escape without being apprehended.
    He was dragged around the store and had his gun, balaclava and hoodie-style jacket taken and was chased off empty handed.
    But seemingly oblivious to the adage about never returning to the scene the crime, the gormless 21-year-old returned minutes later to ‘politely’ beg for his favourite £200 coat back//

    //Passing sentence(Four and a half years) Judge Martin Steiger QC, said: ‘This was hardly a professionally executed offence.’//–ask-COAT-back.html

  3. His eyes are too close together !
    I hope when he comes out of prison miss millis put something extra special in his meal
    like a dog turd !!

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