Is the race to record over?

Half of police forces in England and Wales – including those which unfairly target ethnic minorities – will no long record the race of people they stop and ask to account for their movements, it has been revealed.

Stop and account is a common power used by police to stop people in the street and ask them to account for their actions, behaviour, reason for being in a place or in possession of something.

But 21 out of 43 police forces have decided to scrap recording the encounters – which was a national requirement until March this year – to reduce bureaucracy and save money and time.

Concern: Almost 20 per cent of black Londoners were stopped and searched between 2007/08 

Figures from a Freedom of Information Act request by the Guardian show that five out of 10 police forces whose figures show they have a record of using stop and account disproportionately have agreed to the changes.

These include West Midlands, Avon and Somerset, Thames Valley, Sussex and Hertfordshire police forces.

Officers in the West Midlands – Britain’s second biggest police force – are seven times more likely to stop an African-Caribbean person than a white person, the Guardian said.

Mmm…West Midlands Police area covers some of the highest densities of ‘visible ethnic’ minorities in the country. So, I suppose they are going to stop a lot more IC3s and IC4s…I mean, I bet the SA police stop a lot of black men too eh?  In the same way the Chinese Police stop a lot more IC5s than we do eh?
My force still records the IC code of EVERYONE that has ANYTHING to do with us-including reporting a crime.
Still keeps those HQ boys and girls in a job eh?

4 responses to “Is the race to record over?

  1. Is there ‘an offence’ of – “Falsely self-describing ones OWN ethnicity – or -“Being white in a public place while heavily tanned & bearded,” – with intent to confuse the statisticians?

  2. The self definition aspect is bo***cks anyway. What’s the difference between white British and white Irish? What’s the difference between Asian Indian and Asian Pakistani? It was the same country until 1947. Many people I speak to from visible minorities want to self define as British Asian or Black British. Where does Northern Europe end and Southern Europe start? What’s the difference between Oriental or someone from South East Asia? Don’t even get me started on the new DASH forms for domestics!

  3. The whole stop and search myth was debunked years ago and is only perpetuated by the stupid (Guardianista types) of those for whom the myth provides their income (CRE/anything diversity orienetated).

    The street population is also very different to the general population and as stated in many police blogs, PCs will often record BME stops and not “white” ones as a bottom covering exercise.

    This country. The lunatics are now bored with running the asylum and are defacating in the manager’s office and playing with his free internet while the whole thing sinks into a quicksand of perversion.

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