Greedy pigs…

A greedy police officer claimed £69,000 on top of his basic annual salary taking home £109,000 in one year, it has been revealed.

The unknown police sergeant, employed by the Metropolitan Police, was earning an annual wage of £40,000, but ended up taking home a sum three times that, figures from a Freedom of Information request show.

Meanwhile, another police officer from the same force topped up his £30,000 salary by £55,000, The Sun said.

On average London officers get £4,000 in overtime a year.

It’s outrageous that Police should get paid for working overtime… In fact Police shouldn’t get paid at all… disgusting.

Of course…the Police authority could pay for another officer to help out…instead of working their Police to death.

Where else in the world would you see a major newspaper treat a story about Police WORKING VERY HARD like they are guilty of strangling kittens?

The Mail are a bunch of self-serving, self-righteous prigs…



7 responses to “Greedy pigs…

  1. Outrageous Should have become an MP and not have to put in the OT.

    Cabinet ministers receive a salary of £134,565 (including MP’s salary of £65,738).

    …..oh, plus expenses.

  2. Agreed, but they do have a decent puzzle page.

  3. I don’t know what is wrong with you lot. I personally am going to volunteer as a Special so I can work on my rest days for free!

  4. Another non-story.What will happen is that the public think we ALL earn that salary and can afford a cut.They only read the headline.
    The man that earned this amount is almost certainly Cameron or the Queens bodyguard.He can’t clock off after 8 hours.Perhaps he should be replaced by a Special or a PCSO which is good enough for the public?

    • Heh… if only…

      I remember a much hated (by many, it has to be said) Thatch visiting hospitalized officers injured by rioters…because for all her faults-she knew who was important…

      Has ”call me Dave?” … has he flip…

      Difficult to be nice or be SEEN to be nice to people that you are aiming to gut the pay and conditions of eh?

  5. Just to be a real pedant, the rioters were not caused by the cuts. They were caused by this self-entitled, morally void culture we’ve allowed (as a society) to become endemic.

    The Wail is doing 180 degree turns so fast lately that it’s resembling a spinning top; I wouldn’t wipe my arse with that paper, here’s to hoping it goes the way of News Internationals flagship.

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