Eternal vigilance…

Police have arrested and detained six men and one woman in Birmingham as part of a large anti-terrorism operation, it has been confirmed.

West Midlands Police said the suspects – aged between 25 and 32 – were being held at or near their homes on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism in the UK.

The arrests were the result of an intelligence-led operation.

The men were taken into custody by unarmed officers in the Moseley, Sparkbrook, Sparkhill, Ward End and Balsall Heath areas of Birmingham between 11.30pm on Sunday night and 1am on Monday, a spokesman for West Midlands Police said.

Police forensic officers cover a car in Birmingham following the arrests of six men in Birmingham as part of a large intelligence-led counter-terrorism operation

Police not doing people for 31 in a 30...

I guess this is a timely reminder that the boys from Alan Caheeda are still up for a bit of naughtiness…and murder.

I loved the note that one of the addresses searched by police today is registered to Mohammed Irfan – previously jailed for his part in plotting to kidnap a Muslim British soldier and behead him live on the internet. 

In 2008, Irfan, 34, was jailed for four years after pleading guilty to ‘engaging in conduct with the intention of assisting in the commission of acts of terrorism’ but was released early after serving less than two years. 

He was part of a gang who had been jailed for planning to kidnap a serving squaddie and behead him ‘like a pig’ in a lock-up garage.

HINT: Judge/Home sec- this man hasn’t learned his lesson- he should still be inside, but was released early…to plan ANOTHER TERROR ATTACK… He need sending down for life please…before he succeeds…


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