Message received yet burglars? Or Pandora’s box well and truely opened?

A father has been arrested on suspicion of murder after allegedly stabbing to death an intruder during an attempted burglary at his home last night.

Police were called to Midland Road in Bramhall, Stockport, at around 7.50pm last night after reports that two men had forced their way into a house.

Officers responding to the call discovered a man, thought to be in his 30s, with serious knife injuries, a police spokesman said.

Investigation: Police forensic investigators outside the home in Bramhall, Greater Manchester, where a suspected intruder died of knife injuries after an attempted burglary 

The suspected intruder was given first aid by paramedics and attending officers, but he died at the scene shortly after.

A 39-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder and remains in police custody for questioning.

Police believe that the two men had entered the property and threatened him.

I hope that Billy the burglar takes this to heart (not the knife…) that people do not want them to break into their homes, threaten their wives and kids and steal their stuff… (If indeed, that is what has happened here…bit early yet)…

They are likely to get all rowdy on you…

Interesting to see if CPS will be charging this chap or doing what they have done to the last two…drop all pending charges…

I wonder when we will see headlines along the lines of, ”burglar stabs home-owner…in botched raid”?

Can’t be too far off…

See Ken, this is what Philosophers call ”unintended consequences”… you know, after what you said about people not going to prison for killing people that burgle?

If I was a suspicious person, I might even think that WAS the INTENDED consequence of his statement. Since he and his cronies are going to reduce the amount of burglars that go to prison, reduce the available places in prison, reduce the amount of officers to put them there and do nothing about loony judges-what better solution? Kill them or more accurately get some one else to kill them… then you don’t have the problem eh?

Or is it a small, but significant turning point in the way society sees criminals of this type?

If criminals see that they face deadly danger when they burgle people’s homes, that the home-owners are not being prosecuted-even if they kill the criminal-and if the criminals are facing serious jail time for attacking the home-owner, they may try something else for a living..

However, it is still early days to see if there are any trends in the burglary dwelling figures we don’t collect-err…


7 responses to “Message received yet burglars? Or Pandora’s box well and truely opened?

  1. Why are these all in the GMP/Lancs area?

  2. From Sky News
    “Floral tributes to the dead man – referred to as “Ray” and “Raymondo” – were left by his family members outside the large detached house.
    One tribute read: “Love you son. Going to miss you more than anything.”

    Hope the “tributes” were fittingly placed in the gutter

    • Shocking… I would be ashamed to be associated with a burglar… I am not saying that I wouldn’t grieve my son, but he was a thieving, robbing criminal…

      My sympathies are with the poor householder that had to fight for his life…

  3. Isn’t it wonderful that when these people are alive, they are the scum of the earth, thieving, burgling and assaulting, bringing terror and fear to the community without thought for their actions. However, when they’re killed while committing a violent crime, they are suddenly the best thing on this planet with loads of traumatised people praising their blameless lifestyles and turning their place of death into a shrine. I had to laugh when I read about some of Moat’s mates laying down flowers on the site where he was killed, only for a dog to run over a few minutes later and pee on them! Surely they’ve got dogs in Stockport?

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