Shock, criminal ignores court…

The boy, who cannot be named, is pictured here leaving court in London last month
An 11-year-old boy given a ‘rehabilitation order’ after joining in the riots has been caught shoplifting just six days later.

The boy, who is thought to be the country’s youngest rioter, stole from a department store in his home town of Romford, Essex, after the windows were smashed.

Appearing in court on August 31 the judge told him, ‘You can’t get away with committing offences of this nature.’

The youngster, whose name cannot be made public by law, was told he would have been jailed if he was ‘a little older’.

But six days later, on September 6, he was arrested in the town’s Asda supermarket accused of theft and assault.

Astonishingly, the boy – a one-child crime wave – joined in the rioting just five days after another court appearance – for arson and criminal damage.

Err… shock… glad I was sitting down…

See Ken, if he was in a young off institute-he couldn’t have done the other three crimes? SEE KEN????



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