LOL! Not in the top 2%… how thick is this villain?

When the attempted armed robbery was foiled by a brave shopkeeper,  Anthony Gorman could at least be happy he made his escape without being apprehended.

He was dragged around the store and had his gun, balaclava and hoodie-style jacket taken and was chased off empty handed.

But seemingly oblivious to the adage about never returning to the scene the crime, the gormless 21-year-old returned minutes later to ‘politely’ beg for his favourite £200 coat back.

Surprised shopkeeper Michael Singh, who had been meditating when the raid happened, simply turned to his attacker and asked: ‘Are you stupid?’

Stupid: Armed robber Anthony Gorman asks Michael Singh for his coat back

Mr Singh, who moments earlier had a gun pointed at his neck by Gorman, added: ‘No, you can’t have it. Get out.’

It only gets worse for Gorman, who was nicknamed Spider. Without his disguise the shop keeper in Longsight, Manchester recognised him and he was arrested the same day.

Today he was jailed for four and a half years after admitting aggravated burglary and possession of an imitation firearm.

Jailed: Anthony Gorman

Looks intelligent enough though eh?

How unbelievable dumb… still, he will be out in a couple of year to have another go… Anyone care to guess how many previous convictions he has? I bet it’s a shed load…


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