Any bets on jail time?

Smiling and waving both hands as she arrived at court – an hour late – this is the pregnant model who was today found guilty of assaulting a female police officer as a student protest exploded into violence.

Mackayla Forde lunged at Sgt Joanne O’Connor as a kettle in Trafalgar Square became ‘a flurry of fists and people’.

The 26-year-old donned a hoodie and balaclava to take part in the demonstrations against tuition fee hikes last November 30, City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court heard.

Assault: Mackayla Forde leaves Westminster Magistrates Court today 

My money is on none…

The young person above showed exactly how much she respects the judiciary by arriving an hour late for court and then waving to her friends in court…

No doubt secure in the knowledge that when she returns to hear the reports being prepared for the sentencing on the 28th of September-her pregnancy will assure that she won’t be going to prison…

Love it…

PS… I am resisting temptation to enquire what she models… pork scratchings? opps


9 responses to “Any bets on jail time?

  1. Shoes, perhaps?

  2. Pregnancy, how convenient. Anyone care to place a bet that the father (and i use the term only in the biological sense) is a random scrote who won’t be on the scene in 6 weeks let alone 6m?

    They COULD fix this culture of attacking the police overnight. Minimum 10 year sentence for an assault police conviction with NO TIME OFF under any circumstances. 10 or those sentances get handed out I garun-fucking-tee you word will get around FAST.

    At that point, it becomes in the interest of the arrestee NOT to kick off unless they are going being arrested for a REALLY serious crime, and the vast majority of the time you can trust these fools to look after their own interests.

  3. Perhaps she wears the hoodie and and balaclava when she goes modelling?
    I used to fume at process court when we would turn up in plenty of time and hang around patiently.The scrotes would always be late and get waved in to go before me.The Magistrates never questioned why.

  4. Hmm, interesting.
    Assuming there can’t be too many Mackayla Fordes who are models in London, I think this might be her.

  5. Henry Bolingbroke

    What a minger!

    Model? You’re havin’ a Turkish, ain’tcha?

  6. No wonder she wore a balaclava. THREE paper bags wouldn’t be enough……………

  7. What would you want modelled by that? I have looked at her website and sat here for 10 minutes and cant think of anything…

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