Here is why we are in trouble…

When a serial burglar plagued a tower of blocks police knew they had to come up with an inventive way to catch their prolific thief.

But West Midlands Police were not to be deterred and laid an ingenious trap they knew the burglar could not resist – by setting up a fake house in a tower block in Birmingham.
Cunning detectives borrowed a flat in the Teviot Tower in Hockley, Birmingham from the council, kitted it out with secret cameras hidden throughout and then patiently lay in wait for the culprit.

Having been caught in the act, Ambala pleaded guilty to three counts of burglary at Birmingham Crown Court on September 5.
He was handed a 12-month sentence suspended for two years, a two-year intensive supervisory order and ordered to complete 150 hours of unpaid work.

Err… what about this? and this?

This PATHETIC, USELESS, WASTE OF TIME sentence (I use the term loosely) shows nice and plain what we are up against…

SERIAL burglar, meaning ”he does a lot…” times that by 10 to get a more realistic picture of this criminals life…

Until we JAIL morons like this for 10-years …things will get even worse than they are now…

150-hours of unpaid work… what an insult to the victims of this idiot waster…

My question to Uncle Ken and the judge: How many burglary dwellings do you need to do to get sent to prison? 50? 100? 200?

Useless, the lot are useless…

Any bets on when the idiot breaches?




3 responses to “Here is why we are in trouble…

  1. First day after court. As i’m sure you will believe; I had a copper mate who arrested a serial thief, rearrested him while he was on bail pending court, bailed again, went to court, community order etc as above, and then rearrested him again on his shift the very next day for…wait for it….theft again!

    PS the most i’ve ever heard of before a custodial is over 190 CONVICTED offences (god only knows how many this person actual committed, must be up north of 500, probably in the thousands). Most of the idiots around my part of the city are known to the local coppers and have 30+ offences each (and most are under 25!)

  2. Oh and while I think of it, when this person finally went to jail, the local crime rate dropped by over 75% for the 3 months they were actually inside!

  3. With a name of Ambala, it is assumed that he is a fairly recent immigrant or the offspring of a great fan of “Prince of Bel Air”. From the court he shoud have been taken to the nearest airport, put on the first plane to anywhere and then, if he so wished, apply for a visa to visit UK (which would be refused as he was a criminal). There are quite a few things I dislike about the USA but their refusal to allow anyone with a criminal record into the country can only be applauded. Now, if we could only apply the same restrictions to Parliament…………….!

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