New Chief, same BS…

”We want the criminals to fear the Police”, says the new Commissioner…

Oh right sir, and how do we do that exactly when we spend more time and trouble investigating each other than we do investigating crime?

When officers face the harshest penalties for acts that members of the public would receive exactly nothing?

When the rights and FEELINGS of known gangsta’s are put before the safety and self-respect of officers?

When your own SMT say that hospital beds full of Police rather than rioters is a ‘success’?

When known criminals and suspects have more rights than the people that are trying to stop them?

When the justice system is so obviously full of bullshit that it fails to sentence ANYONE for a maximum period of time?

When neither the SMT or the Home Office care to define ‘robust policing’?

When cuts are going to reduce Police numbers and prison places?

Fear the Police?

Biggest joke I have heard in years…

I guess we know how this man has got his job … he said ”yes ma’am” and he can sure talk a good fight…


2 responses to “New Chief, same BS…

  1. The only thing Imelda was missing was one of those little lap dogs you keep in a Louis-Vuitton bag… looks like she finally completed the outfit.
    He was, according to the press. her favoured lackey.. err i mean candidate

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