Old mate…

Bumped into an old mate yesterday when shopping…

We worked together on the Robbery Squad many years ago… VERY busy…

I remember walking into the squad room with a lady (now retired…) and my mate…

The seasoned detectives looked at us with the usual disdain… one of them Denny looked at Sarah and said, ”thank god, get the kettle on love!”

She smiled sweetly and replied, ”fuck off Denny, get your own tea…”

Everyone roared with laughter, except Denny… he sat there with a VERY red face and looked as if a heart-attack was due any second…

He turned to the DS that didn’t even lift his head…

”CARL, CARL! Did you hear that???”

Without lifting his head the DS said, ”Yes, Denny every word. Two sugars in mine please…’

Denny left us alone after that… god I miss working on CID…


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